Who is ECHO?

ECHO is San Luis Obispo County's homeless shelter serving all of the communities in the North County areas. We are a 50-bed transitional shelter helping families and individuals find permanent housing within three months of entering. We provide case management services to the homeless, helping them create an action plan, live with new behaviors, find a job, and locate a permanent home. Other social service agencies depend on us. In addition, a group serves up to 80 dinners each evening for anyone who is hungry thanks to our network of dedicated volunteers.

Who are the homeless?

About 60% of our beds are occupied by children and their parents. In the month of December 2018 alone, 22 children were sheltered with us. Many are the working poor who are unable to find affordable housing. Many are the elderly and/or veterans. Many are families with children. Many struggle with physical and mental illness.

Meeting Community Needs

Since 2001, we have helped homeless individuals and families transform their lives as they work to establish and sustain permanent housing. With generous donations from the community, we renovated the shelter in 2015 and increased capacity from 31 to 50 beds.

Who supports ECHO?

The entire community! More than 73% of our income comes from donations! It takes a community-wide partnership to maintain and operate a shelter, as well as provide critical case management services. We need your support to continue the services that enable homeless men, women and families to get back home!