How does ECHO Work?

Step One – A New Beginning
Being homeless is terrifying and exhausting. ECHO volunteers and staff enable homeless individuals and families to feel safe and secure. They are treated with dignity and respect. ECHO’s policies are reviewed, including a zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse. ECHO clients must agree to follow policies at all times.

Step Two – Work the Plan
Within five days of entering ECHO, clients are assigned a case manager who helps identify core issues for their homelessness. ECHO case managers understand what resources are available in the county and they help clients develop an action plan to become housed. Case managers advocate for clients with the Veteran’s and Social Security Administrations. They also assist clients with employment counseling, transportation, clothing and other needs.

Step Three – Success
Of those who work their case management program, 70% of ECHO clients have found housing within 90 days!* If clients are adhering to their plan, but need more time, they may stay longer at ECHO.

*Based on data analysis from January – June 2014

What does ECHO do?

Case Management – Within five days of entering ECHO, clients are assigned a case manager to help them resolve core issues for their homelessness and to develop a plan to get back home.

Safe Shelter – ECHO has provided safe and secure shelter to the homeless for 16 years with never a closed night.

Open Meal Program – Each evening, a volunteer group from the community prepares and serves up to 80 meals to anyone who is hungry.

Professional Leadership – ECHO is guided by an experienced executive director and a volunteer board of directors.

Employment Services – ECHO provides one-on-one job assistance. Our staff helps clients identify skills, update their resumés, and search for job openings.

Volunteers – Donated volunteer hours enable more funds for direct services.